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Pawn broking

Cash Smart Pawnbrokers is a trusted pawnbroker in Deception Bay that provides cash loans at short notice. Our experienced, friendly staff can accurately determine the precise value of your belongings, and offer competitive loans based on their worth. That means you get quick access to the funds you require, without the need to commit to the outright sale of your goods. The choice is then yours whether you’d like to pay out your loan and reclaim your valuables, or just keep the cash and allow us to re-sell your items.

We’re fully aware that the times you most need money are the times you least want to be dealing with the piles of red tape that other lenders might insist on. Try Cash Smart Pawnbrokers, and you’ll see that we take care of all the details quickly and efficiently to minimise the hassle on your part. If you've got the goods, then we’ve got the cash. That’s all there is to it!

To find out more about our lending services, just give us a call
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Cash when you need it

We offer all the services you would expect from reliable, experienced pawnbrokers, and we take our obligations to you more seriously than anything else. Our team can organise:

Cash loans
Loans against cars
Fast cash for goods
Discounts for short term loans

We’ll exchange cash for any goods of value, including gold and jewellery, electronics, computers, mobile phones, musical instruments, games consoles, tools, and much, much more.

We Have More Than 40 Years of Experience

Short-term loans from 10%, conditions apply

Since 1995, Cash Smart Pawnbrokers has cultivated a reputation as a pawnbroking shop with the highest standard of trustworthiness, reliability, and accuracy in our field. We’re Deception Bay's proven source of cash loans, providing funds quickly and when you really need them. All you have to do is bring in your goods and walk out with the cash.

Cash Smart Pawnbrokers’ pawnbroking shop is your go-to source of funds when you need them the most. Sometimes, the financial pressure simply builds, but you can't pay the bills with the stuff you’ve got lying around. At Deception Bay’s own Cash Smart Pawnbrokers, we can take your items of value and convert them into the cash you need right now.

You always retain the right to reclaim your items later, which is a definite advantage over having to sell your goods outright. Get the best of both worlds at very reasonable rates at Cash Smart Pawnbrokers.

Hard times hit everyone, and they tend to hit fast. That’s just an unfortunate fact of life. If you’ve found yourself in the midst of a cash flow issue, then we’re sure you can find relief at our pawnbroking shop.

We provide both short and long term loans for any amount, with your goods providing security. This means your loan amount is limited only by the value of your items, and not by any previous lending experience. Get what you need today at Cash Smart Pawnbrokers!